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The use of this website (“Site”) and all transactions performed by the Site visitors or persons who perform any action on the Site (collectively the “User”) are subject to these Terms of Use. Please read the Terms of Use carefully before using the Site. The terms and conditions regarding the use you have accepted by using this Site are explained to you in these Terms of Use.
Çukurova Machinery Manufacturing and Trade Inc. (“CUKUROVA DEFENCE” or the “Company”) has the right to update the Terms of Use at any time by posting it on the Site without any notice. It is the User’s responsibility to follow the updates made in the Terms of Use. Current Terms of Use will be valid from the moment they are published on the Site.
Unless otherwise clearly stated, all services provided on the Site are free of charge.
All rights of written, pictorial, audio, visual and electronic materials published on the Site and whose copyright and other intellectual and industrial property rights belong to CUKUROVA DEFENCE or other third parties and organizations are reserved. The inclusion of these materials on the Site cannot be interpreted as giving any authorization, license or permission to the Users and third parties regarding their use. These materials cannot be copied, reproduced, reproduced or used in any way without the written permission of CUKUROVA DEFENCE. CUKUROVA DEFENCE may permit the copying of such materials (such as wallpaper, screen saver, commercial film) to personal computers for professional or non-commercial use. In such cases, Users are required to contact CUKUROVA DEFENCE through the Site to obtain the relevant permissions. The legal responsibility that may arise as a result of any use that violates the intellectual and industrial property rights related to the materials on this site belongs to the infringing User.
All kinds of content on the Site, especially options, hardware, authorized service/dealer information, second-hand construction equipment stock, pictures, explanations and news; (shortly “Information”) is for promotional and informational purposes only. When the User intends to make a transaction by referencing the Information, he/she accepts that he/she is obliged to obtain the final and reliable information from CUKUROVA DEFENCE Authorized Dealers or CUKUROVA DEFENCE Customer Services. No guarantee or commitment is made regarding the accuracy or timeliness of the information published on the Site. The User agrees that CUKUROVA DEFENCE has no responsibility for the actions that it may take based on this Information.
CUKUROVA DEFENCE, information on standard and optional features of Construction Equipment and Attachments are valid on the date of the last update and CUKUROVA DEFENCE should be contacted for final information about CUKUROVA DEFENCE Dealers and Services. In this context, CUKUROVA DEFENCE declares that the information on the Site (unless expressly stated otherwise) is not a sales offer and does not constitute a commitment on behalf of CUKUROVA DEFENCE.
CUKUROVA DEFENCE may change the recommended models and specifications of construction equipment without prior notice.
The photos and videos on the site may differ from the hardware features of the work machines and attachments to be sold.
CUKUROVA DEFENCE reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change or terminate the content of the Site, any service provided to Users, and delete registered user information and data from their systems. Although every precaution has been taken to ensure that the Site is error-free, no guarantee is given regarding existing or potential errors on the Site.
In order to protect the confidentiality of the information you have provided on the site, only password access is allowed to the sections containing your personal information. It is the User’s responsibility to keep the said password confidential and to make the necessary adjustments in the update fields accessed through this password. The user is directly responsible for the security of the information such as username and password, the areas accessed through the use of this information, and for all consequences that may occur if they are shared with third parties or organizations (including the malicious use of their password by other people). Likewise, the User cannot use someone else’s IP address, e-mail address, user name and other information on the internet, and cannot access or use other Users’ private information without permission. Any legal and penal responsibility that may arise due to the use mentioned herein belongs to the User.
From the electronic device(s) and/or internet connections used by the Users

CUKUROVA DEFENCE cannot be held responsible for any errors, systemic slowness or unavailability of the Site.
Completing the Contact Form on the site does not give the User any rights or give the User the opportunity to claim any vested rights regarding any application. In case incomplete, incorrect or invalid information is entered in the Contact Form, CUKUROVA DEFENCE cannot claim any rights regarding the opportunities that may be provided as a result of the marketing and promotional programs that they may organize at their own discretion and are personally responsible for all consequences that may arise due to their incomplete, incorrect or invalidity. .
Personal data relating to real persons are processed as a result of activities such as using and visiting the Site. Detailed information on the processing of your personal data is included in the “Protection of Personal Data” heading of the Site. Within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“Law”), information regarding legal entities is not considered as personal data, so it is not within the scope of this Law.
Although measures have been taken to ensure that the Site is free from viruses, trojans and similar software, in order to ensure ultimate security, the User is obliged to provide the necessary virus protection system and to provide the necessary protection in his own electronic devices. In this context, the User accepts that he is responsible for all errors that may occur in his own software and operating systems and their direct or indirect consequences due to his access to the Site.
In the event that a criminal complaint or official investigation request is received from the official authorities against the User, legal demands are made, and/or it is determined that the User has made any electronic sabotage or attack that will prevent the operation of CUKUROVA DEFENCE systems or change their operation, CUKUROVA DEFENCE, has the right to search the identity information of .
Electronic records of CUKUROVA DEFENCE will be accepted as evidence in disputes that may arise between the Users and CUKUROVA DEFENCE. Tarsus courts and enforcement offices will be authorized to settle such disputes and the dispute will be resolved in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Turkey.
All notifications to be sent to the relevant parties in these Terms of Use will be made through the User’s known e-mail address and the e-mail address/addresses provided by the User (collectively the “Address”). The User agrees that the Address that he/she reports to the Site is a valid notification address, that he/she will update and/or notify CUKUROVA DEFENCE in case of change, otherwise notifications to this Address will be deemed valid.